Red and Blue Quilt Donated to Quilts of Valor

Long Arm Quilting

Patchwork Quilt donated to Domini Farm

Crazy Patch Quilt

Welcome to Happy Back Quilting

My Sewing/Quilting Studio is My Happy Place

I started sewing at 9 years old when I joined my local 4-H club. I have sewn off and on all my life. I belong to sewing/quilting groups and have found the people who enjoy those activities are a joy to be involved with.

Belonging to sewing/groups, there are many sources of inspiration to start new projects based on a new technique or pattern.

I have quilted my own products using a standard domestic sewing machine. I soon realized I had more quilt tops to "quilt" and decided I should get a Long-Arm Quilting machine. I use my Long-Arm machine to quilt for others, as a business, as well as getting my own projects quilted.

I enjoy quilting ad have done quilting for local charitable groups. One of the quilt tops I completed on my long-arm machine was the Crazy Patch quilt. My friend and neighbor volunteers at the animal sanctuary and mentioned fundraising for the Dominifarm Farm Sanctuary.

We decided it might be a perfect quilt to help with fundraising for the Sanctuary. They are selling raffle tickets and will be drawing a winning ticket on December 12, 2022. Dominifarm Farm Sanctuary.

Terry Back
Happy Back Quilting


Here is a PDF of our 2023 Intake Sheet.

  • Please print and bring with you.
2023 Pricing
See Pricing
  • .025 per square inch for Edge to Edge electronic Quilting
  • .035 per square inch for Customized with electronic Quilting
  • .045 per square inch for Free Motion/Custom
See Pricing

We can provide Quilter’s Dream batting at $10 per yard

  • If you choose to provide your own batting, make sure it is good quality, and in one piece (not pieced together). Batting must be at least 4” wider on all sides. That means batting must be 8” longer and 8” wider than quilt top.

We provide good quality quilting thread at $9.00 per quilt.


Backing must be at least 4” wider on all sides.  That means backing must be 8” longer and 8” wider than the quilt top.

Special Notes
  • Stay stitching around edge of entire quilt top ensures seams do not come apart during handling, especially near edge of quilt.
  • Rush fee: $50 (A request to complete quilt in less than 14 business days)
  • Minimum charge $50.00 for quilts smaller than 50”x50”
  • We’re happy to pick up and drop off quilts for no charge within Treasure Valley.

Recent Projects

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Terry Back

Terry Back

I love quilting and sewing! I live in Nampa, Idaho, with my husband and two little dogs, Cookie and Gidget. We have two grown sons,...
Quilt Donated to Domini Farm

A Quilt Goes to the Dominifarm Animal Rescue

Written by Dominifarm Animal Rescue November 7, 2022   Terry, the owner of Happy Back Quilting, donated an amazing quilt to support Dominifarm Animal Rescue....
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